MDS Lands its first M820 Trommel in Singapore

Earlier in the year, MDS International was approached by A Singapore based construction company that have a major construction project in the country. The company is preparing a site for building of office blocks. They are using blasts to clear the site and remove and sell the rocks for sea defence projects. The company therefore needed a reliable and robust trommel to meet the high rock demand for the project. The delivery time was of paramount importance. MDS International and our competitors were approached to quote for the trommel and MDS International were the clear choice due to the strength of our trommels and delivery schedules. This May the trommel was completed, tested and shipped over to Singapore where it was installed and commissioned by our staff. The company needs to produce four different grades of granite rocks. Granite by nature is very abrasive and therefore is more demanding on a trommel that other types of rocks. The size requirements for this project are as follows:

0 – 160mm / 0” - 6” (0-10kg) 160-290mm / 6” - 12” (10-60kg)
290-490mm / 12” - 24” (60-300kg) Larger than 490mm / 24” (300-1000kg)

MDS international Sales and Engineering teams liaised with their project team and proposed a bespoke trommel to meet their demands. We provided them with our expert opinion and suggested to go for our Robust M820 Static Trommel that can handle rocks as big as 1000mm. The M820 trommel was designed with strength being its key feature. The trommel hopper is AR/ Hardox lined so that it can handle a whole dump from a 40 Ton dump truck with the highly abrasive rock. It can easily take a dump of rocks as big as a metre (40”). The drum is also made from Hardox Steel and is a Robust fully welded drum design, optimised for abrasive granite rocks. The M820 drum has three sections with aperture sizes of 160mm, 290mm and 490mm. The drum design is done in a way that each section is easily replaceable with different sized sections and use for future jobs. The M820 boasts a powerful CAT 7.1 ENGINE that powers the whole system including the hydraulics, hopper and drum. It comes with a Modern Control System. In 2018 we made a shift to using Fully Digital Control systems that are more reliable and easy to use. These come with full control functions and system diagnostics. This is proven more useful for our tracked range where any engineer on site can easily understand and control the trommel with minimal training. The M820 also has a Radio remote control so that it can be operated remotely by site staff without having to be near the machine. The trommel has a very high productivity rate and produces 750 tons per hour with precise sizing to customer needs and specs.