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Our company operates from two buildings. Our Main 12,000 square foot building is where all our overhead staff are based along with all the production staff. The main building has welding, plasma cutting and painting facilities. The second 8,000 square foot building is where the assembly of the final machines takes place.

Machines & Tools

We have a self sufficient setup that allows us to do majority of the work inhouse.We have a set of plasma cutters that are used to cut key components of the trommels. There are well-organised welding booths where the work flows continuously. The welders are given regular training to ensure high Health & Safety and Quality standards are always maintained.

Inhouse Manufacturing

The Designers of MDS International are experts in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture with vast experience. All the trommels in the MDS Range have been designed and built from scratch. Our Design Office boasts powerful Design Workstations that are at the disposal of the Engineers. Our Engineers are also proficient in key Software packages and create all the Nests for laser cutting using the powerful SigmaNest software. Nests are created so that there is minimal material waste. All the parts needed for our machines are plasma cut inhouse.

The chassis, drums and subframes are welded together in our manufacturing factory, where they are painted and then sent over to our Production Facility down the road where all the assembly takes place. We boast in the fact that we have the workforce and the facilities to carry out all the production in our factories, this includes design, fabrication, painting, electronics and hydraulic systems.


Our Headquarters

Our main headquarters where we have our Management, Design, Sales, Marketing and Production Teams. This is where all the manufacturing takes place.


Fabrication Shop

Fabrication is the key element of production of our Trommels. All the components for the trommels are fabricated using production methods to ensure high quality build.


Assembly Factory

All the components are married together to form our robust Trommels in this Assembly factory. They are tested several times to ensure each component works perfectly.


Welding booths

We have highly experienced welders who are best at what they do. Precision welding is done to ensure all the component fit perfectly.


Plasma Cutting Facility

All the nests are made inhouse using SigmaNest and are then cut using our inhouse plasma cutters. These machines are capable of cutting through steel as thick as 50mm.


Paint Oven

All the components are given a base coat and painting is done inhouse ensuring a there is a good finish to the machines.

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