Applications of MDS Trommels

Applications of MDS Trommels

MDS Trommels have varied applications and are effective in many settings. They complement other machines and provide tailored solutions for many applications. Our Trommels and Apron Feeders can be put in systems that include crushers, feeders, recycling plants and other Trommels to provide maximum productivity. Often other Trommels have size limitation whereas ours can screen rocks as big as 24 inches.

Our Trommels provide unparalleled productivity and can screen rocks as large as 50 inches (1.25m), way bigger than any other Trommels out there. We also have the Biggest Trommels packed with features that are unmatched such as remote controlled use, modular drums, drum cleaners and electronic systems to monitor and control aspects of the Trommel. The Trommels provide an advantage in screening as they can handle large rocks for sea defence and Rip Rap. They’re also effective in cleaning clay bound rock and rocks mixed with other sticky materials. Our Trommels can be used as static Trommels or mobile and can be purchased with different bases.

M820 Trommel
Track Trommels

Screening Materials by sizes

Our Trommels come with large drums with screens that rotate and screen rocks and other materials. The sizes of the screens can be changed as per the needs of the customer. Up to three different screen sizes can be put on some of our trommels and this means you can separate rocks into 4 different sizes.

Cleaning Rocks in Quarries

The robust design of MDS Trommels make them ideal for cleaning large rocks. The Trommel screens are able to clean rocks and rid them of limestone and sticky clay deposit and make the rocks ready for crushing. Our clients have used our machines to clean overburden rocks and separate them for their desired size. Cleaning of blasted rocks in quarries is another application of our trommels. The machines are also perfect for producing Rip Rap material in the quarries. Scalping screens are not suitable for such operations and all our clients prefer our Drum screens over them.

M515 3 Split Trommel
Track Trommels

Cleaning in Tough/Wet Conditions

Where most of the other machines fail, ours excel at processing materials. Our larger tracked mobile trommels (M615 & M820) are built to handle larger rocks in quarries. Kent Ragstone often comes with heavy sticky material and other trommels fail to clean it as the sticky material jams other screens and renders them useless. Our Trommels come with drum cleaners so are able to clean rocks without getting jammed with heavy sticky materials that come off the stones. With our machines, you can run your plants throughout the year without having to close during winters or wet seasons.

Demolition Material Recycling

MDS Trommels are perfect for recycling. Our machines are mobile so can be used on Recycling sites and move around to retro fit into recycling systems. Demolition recycling is one of the key applications of our machines. Our machines have been used to recycle material from demolition waste and have separated building waste, bricks, concrete and topsoil with sand. Having an MDS Trommel will ensure that key items can be separated straight after demolition and recycled accordingly.

Recycling Trommels
Abrasive Material Processing

Abrasive Rock & Mineral Processing

MDS Trommels are also used for grading of raw materials in order to get valuable minerals out of them. The screens separate and remove small materials that are not in the suitable size range for the crushing stage. The trommel drums are also very strong as they are made from High Tensile steel. This makes them perfect for processing very abrasive materials such as granite. Our machines are perfect for creating armour rock as they can process large sized rocks without failure.

Woodwaste Recycling

We have 2 main trommels for recycling (M518R and M820R) and also done bespoke trommels for customers -that have drums that are perfect for recycling woodwaste and other light materials. Our trommel solutions along with conveyors, apron feeders and hoppers provide the perfect solution to screen out wood stockpiles that customers can sell. The drums are punch plated and have variable screen sizes to get rid of an smaller unneccessary materials. Addition of overboard magnets helps remove any metal parts.

Recycling Trommels

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