M413 in Utility Waste in United Kingdom

MDS International recently unveiled a new product to their expanding line of mobile trommels and a major London Utility took delivery of the new MDS M413 Trommel which offers 3-way screening.

Upon arrival, straight away the operators at the location commented on the quality of the build and the simplicity of set up and operation of the trommel. It was unloaded from the lorry and setup for operation within 5 minutes! This is a key advantage for any operator that has to process material on multiple locations within their site or across different locations. The unit sits under 3.1m in height and weight under 24 tonnes which makes it easier to transport on regular lorries. The trommel features a Digital control panel which makes it very simple to use!

The problem the customer had was that it had reclaimable aggregate within wet sticky clay. The customer had previously attempted to screen this aggregate with a traditional horizontal screener but failed miserably. Their screener just couldn’t separate the aggregate from the clay without blockages on the screen deck and large amounts of carry over. The heavier aggregate with granite type kerbs in the utility waste were also causing damage to the screen media and resulted in costly down time and reduced daily production tonnages. The M413 is built to a high quarry and mining spec so can take on heavy rocks up to 600mm in size which weigh up to 500kg each! MDS trommels use Hydraulic Push feeder system which allows them to feed in single large dumps!

Having looked at the feedstock and noted that it had 50% re-claimable aggregate in it but also a very wet sticky clay this was an ideal job for an MDS machine. Our customers have been using our revolutionary M412 and M515 trommels for similar jobs so the challenge was set for us to show that an MDS M413 trommel was the best way forward.

The M413 that arrived on site was properly configured to deal with such harsh sticky material. The trommel was fitted with the legendary drum cleaner system. Drum cleaners have a terrible reputation for just brushing or smearing the mud across trommels. We see things very differently with the MDS drum cleaner. The MDS drum cleaner is a game changer to the scalping screener market. It consists of a series of cog wheels punching out the openings with every turn each of the trommel making a blinded over screen a thing of the past. The beauty of this system is that it is a very simple yet extremely effective solution. You do not need additional motors or hydraulics to run this system. It uses gear mechanism to rotate with the drum and continuously keep cleaning the openings. (You can read more about this technology here).

The great advantage of having an M413 is that it offers the customer to split into 3 different products and is able to work all year round in the worst of conditions. The tumbling cleaning action and the drum cleaner means there is no more headache of having to constantly clean the screens.

The MDS M413 was set to work and promptly removed the clay fines from the aggregate without any fuss giving a clean products. The drum was set at 75mm for fines and 100mm for Mid-Product. Within 5 minutes from offloading, the M413 was doing exactly what the customer wanted: Three products; 75mm down removed, 75-100mm clean aggregate and +100mm clean to the crusher.
This was one very happy customer that had given the MDS trommel the chance to prove its worth and was glad he did. “This machine changed my view on what trommels can do” They commented that more people should look at an MDS trommel because they really are game changers in a heavily crowded scalping market that all basically offer the same solution.


Customer Quotes:

“No other scalper could have done what this machine did, this machine is a game changer” “Its such a simple and effective idea.. we love it”

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