MDS Reacts to the New Normal – Introducing MDS M518R

The current pandemic has brought about changes in all aspects of life and business, it has revealed a lot about the damage man has constantly put to the environment throughout the years. All this forcefully came to a halt with the pandemic. Just in the past months of lockdown, record low levels of pollution (Especially NO2 and CO2 emissions) have been recorded and the natural environment has been recovering slowly. We as a society now need to ensure this continues so that we leave a clean planet for generations to come.

We at MDS passionately believe that we should do what is right for the environment and build products that help towards a sustainable future. This year we are pushing our focus towards recycling. We have already tuned our bestselling models of M412, M413 and M518R to handle various recycling projects and have them working in demolition recycling, general waste and steel slag waste.

Our core capability as a company is production of mobile units that meet the needs of customers. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we put our heads together and fully studied the shortfalls of mobile recycling trommels currently out there in the market, and we found that the key issues needed to be addressed were:

  • Ability to transport the units on regular trailers
  • Flexibility to use the same unit on several recycling applications
  • Improved build quality and overall machine durability

Keeping these main features in mind, our design engineers have completed the design of our M518R trommel. Our M518R trommel stands out of the crowd and any person who sees it will know it is an MDS product. It carries through the MDS build quality, the design philosophy and the focus on our customer.

We are happy to announce that we are currently completing the production of our first unit and will be unveiling our new M518R Recycling Trommel in July!

Stay Tuned for the next post where we will reveal more details of this unit and all the features it is packed with!

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