MT24H High Level feeder

MDS MT24H High Level Feeder

The MDS MT24H high level feeder, combines the highly versatile feeder system and stockpiling conveyor, allowing the operator to directly discharge from wheel loaders to reduce the amount of material handling on site. The fully mobile units can be used for a ‘metered or controlled’ feed of material into any MDS products or other machines.

MT24H High Level Feeder
Conveyor Length:22.5m (73' 10") 
Feeder Length:4.1m (13' 11") 
Belt Width:1200mm (48") 
Discharge Height:8m  (26'3") @18° 
Max Discharge Height:9.8m (32"2") @24° 
Production Capacity:Upto 600+TPH (661+ US TPH) 

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