Rain or shine MDS Trommel just keeping screening…

Using an MDS trommel with a drum cleaner avoids those heart stopping moments when we all look out the window and it’s raining and sigh “another day I won’t be screening with my scalper”..

it’s been weeks since I have been able to screen.. I have orders piling up and no means of producing these products”…

Turn to the MDS trommel to avoid the grey hairs and sleepless nights of trying to produce aggregates from wet nasty clay ridden products

Set up and start takes literally 5 minutes.

Sit in your excavator cab and laugh at people still trying to use horizontal scalpers when the product is wet and sticky or frankly too big for the machine meshes

When an MDS trommel arrives on site for a demo people always sigh and expect the outcome to be the same as every other trommel they have tried in the last 20 years.

Without exception people are proven wrong.. the machine is quiet, doesn’t blind over and can handle the big rocks that no traditional horizontal scalper could handle

So here’s why you choose MDS Trommels..

  1. Operators love them because they aren’t digging machines out all day long and they are really simple to use
  2. Owners love them because they are cheap to run and produce large outputs of aggregate on any day of the year.
  3. Plant managers love them because they are well made and they are not constantly repairing them

Check out our applications of trommels ..

What are you missing out on?

The dawn of a new generation of trommels that don’t blind over, are well made and produce products all year.

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